Call for Posters

Deadline CLOSED

The UTP poster session provides an opportunity to share research into human origins in a less formal setting than a paper presentation. We encourage poster abstract submissions from undergraduate levels onwards.

A poster is a single-page document, typically combining text and images, that embodies a succinct description of research undertaken. Presenting a poster is a good way to discuss and receive feedback on a work in progress that has not been fully developed into a paper.

Posters should not re-present previously published work.

The topic of a poster presentation is not limited. However, the topic should lend itself to presentation in poster format, possibly with additional details available in the form of web references. You might consider a poster presentation addressing a specific research issue or preliminary research findings from a project or fieldwork.

A maximum of 20 papers will be selected for presentation during the conference. Successful posters will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of topic to the conference theme (Palaeolithic and Mesolithic)
  • Contribution to the furthering of understanding of a specific research question
  • The impact and reach of the topic being presented
  • Quality and clarity of presented information and findings

All poster presenters will also be expected to provide a brief (one to two sentences) synopsis of their poster to act as a teaser for the poster exhibition. The poster exhibition will run throughout the conference, however there will be a specific session where conference attendees are invited to view the posters and discuss the topics and research with the presenters to learn more about the subjects on display.

The poster abstract should include the following criteria:

  • Background: Provide context for the research presented
  • Aims/purpose: This needs to clearly give the reader an impression of the aim/purpose of the research and what they should expect from reading the poster.
  • Methods: Key information regarding the methods used/proposed to be used should be highlighted here. Typically, this would include some mention of the participants involved (the sample), equipment and procedures and timescales.
  • Results: The key results are often presented in this section.
  • Conclusion: This section is used to wrap up the abstract, to convey the most important interpretation of the results and to make any important suggestions for relevance to the field or further work.

To submit a poster abstract of between 200-250 words, please download the application form from the ‘Conference downloads‘ page and email the completed form to

Up-to-date conference information can be found on the ‘Unravelling the Palaeolithic 2023‘ conference page and you can also follow updates on our Facebook page or on our Twitter and Instagram (@UnravelPalaeo), using the hashtag #Unravelling2023.

If you have any questions regarding abstract submission or general conference enquiries, please drop us an email at the address above.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Southampton in 2023!