CAHO Seminar Series

General information

The CAHO Seminar Series is co-organised by Kate Anderson, Alexandra Barroso, Matt Wisdom and India McDermott. The seminars are run every two weeks on a Thursday at 16:00 GMT/BST and typically run for 1 hour (45 minute talk with 15 minutes for questions).

Series format and location

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, our seminar series (as with most) moved online from 2020-2021. However, this facilitated a more global reach with regards to our speakers and audience and has already proven very productive, with speakers from Europe, North America and Africa taking part. When the COVID-19 restrictions were lessened, we did not want to lose the increased global reach and so were inspired to make the seminars hybrid events that still had an in-person and online presence for both speakers and attendees.

Seminars will take place in the Wymer Lab (either for the in-person speakers or an in-person screening of remote speakers), located in the purpose-built Archaeology Building (65a) on Avenue Campus, University of Southampton. The seminars will also be simultaneously live-streamed on Microsoft Teams for the audience attending online.

We aim to record the seminars for those who are unable to attend on the day, however please be aware that this is at the discretion of the speaker as the content is their intellectual property. We do intend to provide prior notice of confirmed recordings in the promotional emails sent out for the specific talk, but this is not always feasible.

Interested in getting a speaker or want to present your research?

The seminars have over the years provided a brilliant platform to discuss new and innovative research in human origins and allowed researchers to network with each other from all over the world. We always aims to bring a variety of topics to the wider CAHO community, but if there is a specific speaker you would like to see or if you would like to present your research, please contact one of the co-organisers linked above.

Upcoming seminars

To see what we have in store for the series, the programme for the CAHO Seminar Series 2021- 2022 can be found here.